The Last Client

Trina is a mortician, and has the job of making the dead look good for their funeral. Her daily routine is turned on its head when she discovers her next client, lying on the slab, is her father, who disappeared when she was young.

Sometimes it's difficult to really connect with your parents. Words don't come easy, and at times they don't come at all. For Trina, its now or never.

The Last Client won 1st prize at the Tehran International Film Festival, 1st prize at the Black Images film festival and was a runner-up in the Race in The Media Awards. It was been selected by the British Council to represent the UK abroad and is being sold internationally by Dazzle Films.

A short film funded through the Film Council, b3 media and Arts Council England.

You Can Run

This is a story of a woman who simply wants to escape. But fate, in the form of a man in a bear suit, the madness of Marylebone Station and a hound from hell, has other ideas.

This short had all the production value of a feature. We used a full union crew, multiple locations, stunt sequences, a large cast and shot on 35mm.

You Can Run was directed be renowned theatre director Lucy Bailey and  produced by Mark Crowdy of Homerun Productions (Doc Martin, Saving Grace).

Poster Boy

A year before embarking on a full feature film project I created a number of smaller film projects. Partly for the fun of it, but also to test out equipment and filming techniques ahead of something far more ambitious.

Poster Boy is an award-winning short that was officially selected for numerous film festivals.

'Sundance' - Novena music video

I produced, directed and cut this music video for the band Novena. I collaborated with a dance team and worked with a crew and full Steadicam system. The Steadicam allowed me to capture the flow and rhythm of the dance.